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This summer seems to be whizzing past very quickly, and we are trying to eek out every last bit of it before school starts in two weeks.  Last night we went to an impromptu fire pit/marshmallow roast at the neighbors, and I thought about how all these moments in time will be my children’s summer memories- blowing out mini fires on marshmallows as the sun fades, squealing and flopping on the tent air mattress, playing flashlight tag after dark.  I’m glad we live in such a kid-friendly neighborhood.  I’m already starting to think about back to school shopping and trying to get the kids to bed earlier- if I come up with any good tips, I’ll let you all know!  For now, here are some interesting links I’ve found this week around the internet:

1.  Beautiful DIY bird paintings- free printable on Small For Big

2.  Four healthy smoothie recipes (I’m eyeing the chocolate almond butter smoothie) from Modern Parents Messy Kids

3.  25 ways to stay calm as a parent on Awesomely Awake

4.  Ten good things readers have sent in on One Good Thing By Jillee

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