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flower gardenOur pre-planned garden arrived from High Country Gardens yesterday, and if all goes well, it will hopefully look like the photo above in August.  I love a well-landscaped garden, but it is so overwhelming to look at all the beautiful plants and have to choose what goes where.  With a pre-planned garden, the only work you have to do is prepare the bed, dig some holes, and water (it even comes with a planting map).  I can’t wait for the flowers to bloom!  Here are some links I found interesting or noteworthy this week:

1.  Very Cute Mother’s Day Cards Your Kids Could Easily Make at Lilla a
2.  Four Decluttering Tips From Successful Downsizers on Babble Voices
3.  Cooking Fish Without Fear with Chef Michel Nischan on Whole Story
4.  Excavating Toys From Ice on Chasing Cheerios (my kids are going to love this)
5.  8 Healthy Cooking Secrets I learned From the CIA on Eat Like Me

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