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flower gardenOur pre-planned gar­den arrived from High Coun­try Gar­dens yes­ter­day, and if all goes well, it will hope­fully look like the photo above in August.  I love a well-landscaped gar­den, but it is so over­whelm­ing to look at all the beau­ti­ful plants and have to choose what goes where.  With a pre-planned gar­den, the only work you have to do is pre­pare the bed, dig some holes, and water (it even comes with a plant­ing map).  I can’t wait for the flow­ers to bloom!  Here are some links I found inter­est­ing or note­wor­thy this week:

1.  Very Cute Mother’s Day Cards Your Kids Could Eas­ily Make at Lilla a
2.  Four Declut­ter­ing Tips From Suc­cess­ful Down­siz­ers on Bab­ble Voices
3.  Cook­ing Fish With­out Fear with Chef Michel Nis­chan on Whole Story
4.  Exca­vat­ing Toys From Ice on Chas­ing Chee­rios (my kids are going to love this)
5.  8 Healthy Cook­ing Secrets I learned From the CIA on Eat Like Me

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