Healthy Snack Ideas

Posted by on October 3, 2013 in Health | 0 comments


I snack all the time, and would be 500 pounds if I didn’t keep it healthy.  The best strat­egy for me is to not keep any really bad food in the house, or I’d suck it down in min­utes.  I work from home, so it would be a slow tor­ture know­ing there’s stuff in the pantry that I shouldn’t eat.  If it’s a cold win­ter day, I try drink­ing a hot liq­uid like this coconut cof­fee drink to help stave off hunger– a low-fat milk latte helps keep hunger pangs away in the morn­ing also.  When the after­noon rolls around, I need some real food.  I usu­ally pick one of the snacks from the sweet side of my list, although the salty side is just as good.  Happy snacking!

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