Crafty Birthday Party

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Hi- it feels so good to be back!  I managed to jam May and June full work projects, so July is all about less work and more fun with the kids.  I’m so excited that I finished a headboard for my daughter’s room, and will share the tutorial soon.  Her room is really coming together, and my younger daughter is begging to have her room redone too- this means many DIY projects in my future.  My older daughter turned 10 this month (yikes, is she a tween?), and I needed birthday party activities to keep kids of different ages occupied.  Activities for little kids are no problem, it’s the older ones (yeah, the tweens), that I was worried about. Would they be bored- twirling hair, checking smartphones (for the record, my daughter doesn’t have one), whispering about boys?  I thank my lucky stars there didn’t seem to be any of that angst in the air- I’m not ready for that yet.  We started with elephant decorating (more on that below), moved on to sardines (yes, I’m too cheap to shell out the dough for a party at one of those sleek gymnastics spaces), and ended with beading (Michaels’ coupons are the best!)  All in all, I think the party was a success, so I thought I’d share some of the crafty stuff that seemed to keep everyone occupied:


I love how the elephants turned out!  I got the idea for the elephant here, and somehow it morphed into something a bit different- isn’t that the best part about crafting?  I ended up using this free template, enlarged it, and printed it in landscape format.  After I cut around the edges, this became the template for tracing the elephants on cardstock.  Cutting out all the elephants from cardstock was a little tedious, but overall nothing I couldn’t handle in a few hours.  Make sure to have plenty of stickers, adhesive rhinestones, scrapbook borders, and colored pencils on hand for decorating.  I thought they all looked so lovely!


Twice a year (once for each kid), I hang up a birthday banner that I sewed with my fabric scraps.  It was a labor of love, but it’s so nice to just whip it out every year, and totally worth putting in the energy up front.  I’m wondering at what age kids stop having birthday parties?  One thing I’m sure of- we’ll never be having a birthday slumber party here- two hours with that many kids is about all a sane grown-up can handle!


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