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listWhen we lived in Tuc­son, my hus­band took con­trol of the meal plan­ning and gro­cery shop­ping, and he really did it right.  He wrote a weekly menu, then made a list and headed to Trader Joe’s.  I only needed to pick up a few bulk items at Whole Foods, and we were set for the week.  After mov­ing to Col­orado, my hus­band lost inter­est in the meal plan­ning task due to a lack of Trader Joe’s in this state.  The menu plan­ning and shop­ping fell upon me, and it has been a sad state of affairs ever since.  Zero orga­ni­za­tion, shop­ping on the fly, gro­cery store runs every other day– all result­ing in a down­ward spi­ral of our squeaky clean bud­get.  So, one of my goals this year is to get us back on track. Although my hubby is happy with mak­ing a weekly list on paper, I want it all on the com­puter. What could be eas­ier than look­ing up a week’s worth of menus from a year ago, and using it for this week?  I have found sev­eral sites that offer free meal plan­ning, and thought I’d share.

1.  The Din­ner Spin- Deliv­er­ing healthy din­ner inspi­ra­tion– select from healthy recipes and a gro­cery list is cre­ated for you.
2.  Plum­melo- Col­lect recipes from the web with a browser but­ton, choose from recipes on Plummelo’s site, or enter recipes man­u­ally, make a weekly menu, and a shop­ping list is gen­er­ated.
3.  Food On The Table- Select your gro­cery store, pick what you’re in the mood to eat, build your meal plan, and get your gro­cery list.
4.  How Does She Do It- Find, cre­ate, share, mod­ify, and save recipes.  Plan a weekly menu and a shop­ping list is generated.

I think either Plum­melo or How Does She Do It seem to be my best options for import­ing my own recipes into the plan­ner.  Here are some other ideas from some pretty resource­ful and orga­nized bloggers:

Tsh from Sim­ple Mom uses her Google cal­en­dar to plan her meals for the month.
Laura from Orga­niz­ing Junkie has a great post on meal plan­ning resources, includ­ing recipe sites, menu plan­ning helpers, and coupon help.
Hill­billy House­wife has a detailed post on three dif­fer­ent menu plan­ning methods.

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