Flower Art

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flower art
Sometimes I just throw some markers and paper out for the kids to color, but yesterday I traced flower designs out of Decorative Design by Fritzi Brod, dating back to 1946.  My mom often sends me boxes filled with old books she acquires at the transfer station (a.k.a. The Dump).  Aside from a musty smell, this book is great, and has lots of design ideas.  I traced some of the flower designs and scanned them.  If you are looking for a project to keep your kids busy for a while, you can save this scanned image and print it out, enlarging if necessary.
scanned flower designs
I sat down with my kids and painted one too- doesn’t it feel great to paint or color in the lines?  We used watercolor paint for our pictures, but crayons or markers would work just as well.
mor floer art

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