4 Delicious Tried and True Dinners

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I’m not sure if I’m becoming a better cook or if I’m dialing in my menu planning, but I’ve heard zero complaints about dinner lately. I keep in mind that we have a potato-hater ( I had no idea potato-haters existed until my daughter was born) and a spicy-food hater, and I try not to cater too much, but I also want to hear good things at the dinner table. That being said, the 4 recipes I rounded up were all winners, so I thought I’d share. These are all guaranteed to keep the family well-fed and happy!


This Crockpot Creamy Chicken, Wild Rice, and Sweet Potato Soup is really good, and totally perfect for this winter weather in Colorado. Just make sure you cook the wild rice long enough before serving—ours was a little crunchy, so next time I’ll add it earlier. Otherwise, an amazing soup!


If your kids like mac and cheese, this pumped up Chicken and broccoli shells and cheese is a great way to sneak in protein and veggies. I used whole wheat shells, so can I call this healthy comfort food? I also added a little more salt, but altogether very yummy!


Can you believe my kids have never had moo shu? I’m not really sure why, but it’s never made the menu. My kids were skeptical of using tortillas for anything other than Mexican, but they ended up loving this 20 Minute Moo shu pork.


I could seriously swim in this delicious shrimp in Thai coconut sauce! I used Trader Joe’s frozen shrimp that was deveined and with tails off, so it was easy to dump right in the pan. Not a drop was left of this scrumptious dinner!


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